The Opportunity

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Own a Booming Business In One Of The Fastest Growing Sectors: At-Home Senior Health Care!

If you want to own a successfully proven turn-key business in Canada that not only can make you lots of money, but will also give you the inner wealth by knowing you own a business that improves the quality of lives then this will be the most exciting message you have ever read.

“There is nothing quite like the freedom and independence of operating your own successful home health care business. To do so while helping the ill or elderly live a comfortable life is truly a rewarding experience.” – Irene Martin, RN Founder, Retire-At-Home™

Timing is EVERYTHING in Business!

Experienced business owners will tell you that, when it comes to business, “timing” is everything! Right now we are cusp of a large part of our population who will become seniors over the next 25 plus years. There is and will continue to be a HUGE need for senior care services.

By partnering with us you will be able to step into an already successfully turn-key business model that can leverage this massive business opportunity.

Why You Should Request an Information Package:

  • Retire-At-Home™ is a Canadian accredited company
  • NO healthcare experience necessary
  • Begin as a home-based business
  • Hands on support – your success is our success!
  • Supplied with ALL the tools, resources, and training to help maximize your investment

Not to mention, we are a company with over 15 years of experience, success, growth and ethical reputation!

“I love working for a company that does things for the right reasons; caring for seniors in a personalized, customized, caring and compassionate way. I am proud to be part of this, and know that I will be successful as a result; add to this that it is a Canadian company with exceptionally high standards – marketing is very easy. What’s not to love.” – Donna Wynn, Edmonton Franchisee

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Need More Proof?

The Demand for Home Health Care

The demand for private home health care in Canada is expected to grow significantly over the next 30 years, largely due to the unprecedented growth in the number of seniors. The forecasted numbers are below*.

YearNumber of SeniorsPopulation ShareRatio of Seniors
20064.3 million13.3%1 in 7 people
20165.7 million16.6%1 in 6 people
20267.7 million21.4%1 in 5 people
20369.0 million24.5%1 in 4 people

Find a Need and Fill It!

No matter how good your products or services are, if you don’t have something people want, it will fail. Enjoy the peace of mind, that with our business model, you will be able to reap all the benefits of running a business in high demand.

Home health care has taken on a more significant role in Canada’s healthcare system in recent years. Restructuring in hospitals (bed closures, increase in ambulatory care clinics, and day surgery) and in long term care facilities (waiting lists for beds, limited availability) has meant shorter hospital stays for many Canadians, resulting in increased healthcare at home. As a result, home care has emerged as an integral part of the healthcare system and is essential to its sustainability.

If you ask most people whether they would prefer to age gracefully or receive compassionate assistance in the comfort of their homes, you will immediately see incredible demand for at-home senior care Services.

Don’t Miss The Opportunity!

We award all franchisees an Exclusive Territory. With the “Exclusive” rights to their territory, each franchisee has the sole right to serve the population that lives within their chosen postal codes. We have territories available now, BUT everyday we are getting seriously committed applications. Don’t let your desired territory get taken!