Donna Wynn, BA, CPCA

I love working for a company that does things for the right reasons; caring for seniors in a personalized, customized, caring and compassionate way. I am proud to be part of this, and know that I will be successful as a result; add to this that it is a Canadian company with exceptionally high standards – marketing is very easy. What’s not to love.

– Donna Wynn - Franchisee, Edmonton
Genese Carnakie, RN Executive Director

We are happy to be Calgary franchisees for Retire-At-Home Services. They were very professional and friendly right from the start. They were serious about our success and gave us all the tools to serve the clients well, so failure was not an option. They are always there to encourage, support and advice us with any issues with clients, staff and technology. We are happy to be a part of this wonderful organization and we are pleased to recommend this franchise to anyone who which to join the team.

– Genese Carnakie RN - Franchisee, Calgary
Deanna Birdsall, RN

Retire-At-Home’s application process allows you to feel very comfortable. As you make your way through this process, they take time to get know you personally as well as professionally. Their open, honest and comprehensive approach to evaluating an individual for a franchise, as well as the opportunity to get to know them, ensures that both parties feel totally at ease and confident with one another. The application process is straight forward and organized and you are guided step by step through all required activities in a timely manner. My experience with Retire-At-Home has been wonderful and I feel privileged to have been selected for a franchise in Saskatoon.

– Deanna Birdsall, RN Franchisee, Saskatoon

It was just over a year ago that my sister Paula and I pursued an opportunity to have a Home Health Care franchise. This was a totally new direction in our lives after spending many years as employees of large national and international organizations. We considered several Home Health Care franchises. After our first discussion with Jonathan Martin (Vice President Franchise Development) at Retire-At-Home, we knew that this was the franchise with which we wanted to be associated. They understood the challenges that we would face as a new franchisee and they were willing to consider our individual needs. Our choice was further reinforced when we met other members of the Retire-At-Home team in Ottawa before making our final decision. From the founder (Irene Martin) to the President (Rick Norland), the Vice President (Jonathan Martin) to the administrative staff, it was obvious that everyone in the organization shared a common commitment to providing quality care and willingness to helping us grow and succeed. The fact that we knew nothing about the health care industry was daunting but everyone we spoke with at Retire-At-Home encouraged and assured us that they would be available to help us along our road to success. That dedication and support has remained constant even after one year as a Retire-At-Home Franchisee. It is doubtful that we would have received the same level of commitment from another franchisor. We look forward to building a successful business with Retire-At-Home.

– Cheryl Lampitt Franchisee, Whitby