Registered Nurse Helps Seniors Stay Healthy & At Home

In 1994, Mrs. Irene Martin, a RN in Ottawa for over 35 years, had a vision to provide seniors the best possible healthcare – when they want it, where they want it, and how they need it.

Retire At Home

She wanted to provide seniors with the opportunity to “retire at home” by providing them a true alternative to living in a retirement home.

Today, this is achieved by offering very personalized home care services to clients through a team of case managers, registered nurses, healthcare workers and subcontracted professionals who visit the clients’ homes on a regular basis to provide any service the client may require to remain safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Seniors Want to Stay At Home

Our clients have chosen to stay at home, even when they are ill; they have money set aside for retirement and want the best care possible. This is one of the fastest growing sectors in North America. Aging baby boomers have money and they want to age gracefully in their homes.

How We Got Started:

Retire-At-Home™ was founded as a home-based company with two employees, serving one woman named Mrs. H., who was the last surviving member of her family. Today the company has provided service to thousands of clients in many Canadian cities. Mrs. H. recently passed away in her bed at 93 years of age, eight years longer than her doctor had expected and after 13 years of receiving services from Retire-At-Home™. During these final years of her life, she received 24-hour care and enjoyed a good quality of life in the home she loved, with people who cared about her.

Why We Are Successful:

The key to this remarkable success story has been the ability to build a successful company while maintaining a personalized edge to the services provided and truly enhancing clients’ quality of life. In recent years, Retire-At-Home™ has won many awards for its business leadership and marketplace ethics. It also achieved its Accreditation with Accreditation Canada, proving that it meets or exceeds national standards in all aspects of the business.

Who Is Our Program For?

The Retire-At-Home™ Franchise System was designed to help compassionate, energetic individuals serve the growing needs for quality, personalized health care service. Our franchise systems and processes are built on the 15 years of expertise and award-winning service we have provided in a Canadian setting. By providing a complete business solution – including business development programs, support programs, software, hiring practices, and more – we are able to work closely with our franchisees, to ensure business success and quality service are maintained.

The Retire-At-Home™ Vision:

To become the most reputable name in Canada for providing personalized healthcare. We plan to achieve that vision by working side-by-side with franchisees to build successful businesses in their communities using the guidelines and principles that have been proven successful in Ottawa for more than 15 years.

Want to Own a Successful Canadian Business?

As a franchisee, you will become part of our family. We will help you succeed not only to start a Home Care Franchise successfully, but providing quality care to those in need. If you want to own a turn-key successful business that gives back to the community then contact us today to receive one of our Franchise Packages to see if our franchise opportunity is a good fit for you.

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